Track Builder with 3ft sections.

ChiefWopahoo Thursday, 10/15/2020
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interesting find today at a local Big Lots store. This Track Builder set has 3ft sections of track which the box states is a "first ever" thing for Hot Wheels. It includes 10 sections (30ft), connectors and a couple cars. I bought two sets but didn't have time to look it over much.

- Bruno  


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Kaiju_Colorado 10/15/20

Nice find! Thanks for sharing. I can see where those would be great for drag strips.

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redlinederby 10/15/20
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Hmmm...interesting. Are they normal single lane strips? The box art almost makes it look like a 2-lane, 1-piece - like Blutrack....which would be *very* interesting.

I'll have to stop by the Odd Lots and maybe get one myself. Can't complain about 30-feet of track regardless.

  • I haven’t opened them yet so not sure. There were two more at the Big Lots near the shop. — ChiefWopahoo
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redlinederby 10/16/20
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I got myself one of these and did my own review. Read it here. Good deal with lots of great track. 

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