Track is BACK!

WorpeX Monday, 3/18/2019

Hey everyone! Its been a loooong time!!!

Got a new apartment about a month ago and it actually has room for a track! Got it set-up a few days ago and have been doing some test races and just messing around with set-ups. Still working on getting my tracks website up to date ( but I did roll it over to a new season since its a new track.

Here are a few pictures of my new set-up... its not pretty and certainly not perfect but it does the job!


Sitting at 19F in length right now so its definitely on the shorter side, but its FAST! I could make it longer, but i'd have to move the couch... (and get more track!)... happy with it for now.

Anyway! Just trying to get a feeler for what its like here again! Would love to get a fantasy league going and maybe run a tournament if things go well. And videos! I definitely want to record the races.

So yeah, more to come I guess. Looking forward to racing with everyone again!!!


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redlinederby 3/19/19
Site manager

Welcome back!! Hope life was treating you good while you were away. Congrats on the new apartment and setup...looks like you're ready to roll.

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redlinederby 3/19/19
Site manager

Oh, and don't forget to add you new track to the directory. :) I think your old plywood track is still in the listng.

  • I still have the plywood track, its just at my parents house! Eventually when I buy a house i'll move over to there... until then i'll be using this janky set-up! haha i'll improve it over time though. — WorpeX

Agreed, welcome back!... congrats on the new track....that is some drop in!!!

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