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Treetops Raceway Park's GT World Championship (Full roster)

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Bolo_Brown 4/26/22

I would like to sign up for this

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WesCoasin 4/26/22

Any spots left?

Wes Coasin 

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EnochEl 4/26/22

Put me in the game!

  • You're in. — Sneaky_Bob
  • Have you shipped yet. — Sneaky_Bob
  • Bro, I’ve been in a bad situation for about a month, just now getting some pressure off my back. I have car done and could send it out today. I just missed another race cause of my situation but that’s over. Sorry for any inconvenience or anything. — EnochEl
  • Send it please. Unless you are in groups 1 or 2 you won't race for a couple of weeks at a min. — Sneaky_Bob
  • I’m on it now — EnochEl
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MadMike 4/26/22

I'd love to jump in but my shipping fund is drained. Not sure if I'll be able to send in time so I'll be sitting this one out and cheering everyone else on

  • You're in. — Sneaky_Bob
  • I'll give u lots of notice if I need to back out — MadMike
  • Have you shipped your car? — Sneaky_Bob
  • Yes, I finally got it sent my local post office has been having issues. I'll send tracking info in a bit when I'm home. — MadMike

Would love to have a chance to Rip down the Track!

Jump off the Porch and Run with the Big Dogs!


count me in if possible!

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Uncle_Elvis 4/29/22


Ford GT/GTS/GTX/whatever legal? 

Hey I'd love to jump in on this Bob!!

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PWC_racing 4/29/22

Do you still have spots open for entry?

Ca$h Money will take a spot Sneaky

I would like to race this event

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