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Tuners and Muscles

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WizardofOZ 5/5/16

I missed the mail in deadline. Sorry.

The Flying Javelin has arrived in the mail. It will be racing against Voxxer01's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Results ??

I'll post the video results once it gets uploaded on YouTube.

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VoxxerRacing 5/12/16

Might I make a suggestion ??  I would post the results from your last race, before posting a new one.  Just a thought. 

Here is the official results. The track's start and finish started bugging in the middle.

  • are you stepping on the pedal? ... i spliced a pushbutton switch in and ran it with my thumb... — fordman
  • maybe use a phone cable so you need not cut your pedal wires... — fordman
  • I used the pedal but it was very worn out. — Brakefluid_Tracksurgeon

Voxxer01 has won the Tuners and Muscles race with his Mitsubishi Evolution. Congratulations!

Entries will be sent back sometime next week.

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