Collecting and OrganizingTurning a shoe rack into a Hot Wheels shelf

I have been searching for a way to display our cars without breaking the bank. Those Carney cases are nice but they are expensive. I was looking around this morning and found a blog post from a mother that might just work.

She has taken two $15 shoe racks and turned them into a display/storage case for her kids cars. The only down side I see is dust but for the money I can save, I can hire a maid lol.

If my math is correct, that is $30 for a storage shelf to display 152 cars. Not bad. I have a wall in the basement that has a display of autographed baseball bats in the middle and I am going to put up one of these shelves on each side of the bats. 

You couldnt buy the materials for less than that!

That is a really good idea...leave it to mom to be crafty. I may try to make one for my daughter so she has a place to put all of her cars rather than just dumping them into a bucket.

and all too soon... she will fill it with shoes !
and I fear that day
I don't even have kids (obviously) and I know that will be hard for me in 25-30 years from now!

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