Two-lane HW track connectors (new?)

GspeedR Tuesday, 12/30/2014

Hello RLD folks,  I just discovered these on our favorite online auction site and thought I'd share.

I'm not sure if they were ever a part of a track set but they're totally new to me. I ordered a set of them to test out. They seem like they'd work pretty well in many of our applications...we'll see.



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redlinederby 12/30/14
Site manager

The auction post mentions they were made with a 3D printer, so it's a homebrew item but it looks pretty damn good. I like the low profile of it. And bonus for being yellow.

Can't wait for your review...maybe we can get this guy over here and tell his story, join a few races.

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GspeedR 1/1/15

I contacted the seller to make them aware of this post and the pending review. Interestingly enough, this seller also also sells "Magnetic Starting Gates" in 2 and 4 lane versions. The gates are made from the same 3D printer technology and feature a side-mounted release trigger. I plan on reviewing the gates as well.

Edit: The seller replied quickly and was thankful for the mention here. They also mentioned the release of a "4 lane electronic finish line"(coming soon) and they're also considering a 4-lane track connector for production.

Pics of their 2-lane Magnetic Starting Gate,,,

...and the 4-lane version.


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redlinederby 1/7/15
Site manager

I've been talking with the maker/seller as well and I'll be reviewing the 4-lane starting gate for the site in the near future. If these accessories work as good as they look then this guy will be busy...

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GspeedR 1/7/15

My 2-lane starting gate should be here by the end of the week. They show the 4-lane gate in their videos...the starting pegs seem to fall quickly & evenly once activated. I'm hoping they'll still operate that way with some weight against them.

Edit 1/8: My track connectors arrived yesterday and the starting gate arrived today. Track construction scheduled for Saturday w/pics soon to follow.

  • i spread only a film of butter on the pins... butter won't damage any plastics, but oil... ? — model40fan
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