PeteB Saturday, 6/29/2019

Guys, fancy a quick, casual fantasy race?
Go check out KevBlokey's UK King of the Hill July race. Select your cars by 23.59 (GMT+1/BST) on July 1st and get a shot at the prize!

Kev is, to the best of my knowledge, the only one running UK based races at the minute, so if you can, please show him some love.
Thanks guys.


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WorpeX 6/29/19

Interesting selection of cars for this... only 1 FTE in the field and its a 300C. Almost seems to easy to pick that car but I don't really see much else in this field that can even compare.

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PeteB 6/29/19

FTE's are pretty difficult to come by this side of the pond to be fair. The colour changers have nickel plated axles, but they aren't quite the same as FTE's I don't think.
Thanks for for dropping by anyway dude, much appreciated.

  • Thats true, FTEs are getting harder and harder to find as the years pass. — WorpeX
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PeteB 7/3/19

Well, I wasn't expecting that in round 1!!!

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Kevblokey 7/3/19

Well thank you Peter for posting the link and your kind words.

I intend running a KOTH once a month along with ad-hoc races every now & then on top. I am currently offering a prize package for those who correctly guess the KOTH champion (if more than one correct guess, one name will be chosen at random. If no correct guesses, prize will rollover).

Please take a look at my channel to see what’s what.

Thank you guys.


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WorpeX 7/3/19

Well, I picked the wrong GT40! I actually wanted to pick that one, but with it being against the FTE I figured i'd pass on it. Also was thinking of picking the Fire Eater but didn't. Ah well, im out already!

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RobertBcfc 7/3/19

Sorry I didn’t get to pick one Kev - I’d have probably gone with the Fire Eater or Mercedes SEL so wouldn’t have gone too far.

Great to see a fellow UK collector getting as far as making good quality videos.  I’m still working on it.....



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PeteB 7/4/19

No Worries Kev. Anything that promotes diescast racing, especially outside the US has to be a good thing. I love the American racers, but it somehow adds an extra "dimension" knowing that it is in the UK.

I really need to get my finger out and finish my own track. Usual excuses about life and work apply, but the biggest challenge right now is space!

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Kevblokey 7/5/19

Thank you once again for your kind words, part two coming up...

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PeteB 7/7/19

.... and the winner is ......?

  • Not what anyone (including myself) was expecting! — Kevblokey
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