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Comet_Tail_Raceway Tuesday, 2/13/2024

Not sure if there is a section on this or not. I just thought I would post this as it may help others that upload to YouTube. Also may help everyone that wants to watches races. A guide like thing. Especially with YouTube having Premier videos and such. If we all know when others are coming out with there Videos we can try not to upload at the same time. And allow us to watch others then do our premier or uploads. That is if you upload at the same time every week or whatever. I Try to upload once a week Saturday night 7pm CST. I was doing twice a week may go back to Two times a week in the future.  Not sure if something with times would help or not just a idea. 


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redlinederby 2/14/24
Site manager

This is a good idea. The old RLD Channel Guide was a nice place to get to all the racing videos in one spot, but it wasn't exactly the "TV Guide" I had hoped because it just took the feed from YouTube after the fact.

If folks running channels can share their video publishing schedule here, after a bit we can put together a spreadsheet or something that does act like a TV Guide. Could be handy. Might lead to some more appointment-viewing for channels...dunno...but worth a shot.

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