Using oil lube and reviving speed

Live_Young_Diecast Tuesday, 9/1/2020

Hi everyone, I run the LYDC racing channel. On occasion I come across a vintage or new hot wheels or matchbox car straight out of the packaging that just cannot finish a race and seems oddly slow. There's a whole thread about oil already however I can't say I really noticed a common thumbs up on what works best. I'm not looking to gain an advantage within a race where I'm sending in a car but rather just trying to revive a car so that it can atleast finish a race that most other cars do easily. I've been using Marksman 3-in-1 oil and the results are noticeable however I don't want to end up causing long-term damage or gum-up after some time. This particular oil claims to lubricate, penetrate rust and clean however I've heard some can attract dust and ultimately gum-up moving parts. That all said, any input is greatly appreciated. 


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Peter_Bee 9/1/20

Oil collects dust and dirt. Period. Besides, the vast majority of mail-in tournaments dictate DRY LUBES ONLY, which means oil is forbidden.

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Rusty 9/1/20

I've found a drop of good oil(I use something designed for HO slot cars) does a great job of making a car faster.Mattel even used to say to oil your cars..I fully understand why some would not want oil on their track,though some of the dry lubes really make a mess also..Then again,I'm running for fun..

I have had this as well. The worst case was there was a piece of slag from the casting that actually stopped one wheel rotating so I had to take the car apart and grind it off before anything else.

I have used silicone spray before but have found the graphite powder to be the best solution so far

  • Hi CC, like many I have, and am experimenting with many lubes, and have a test team. One thing I have learned, it does not matter if you have the best lube, if you don't apply it properly. Hence I have LoS quote ringing in my ears, of applying (dust)and testing , reapplying at least 3 times. — CutRock_R_Marc_D
  • Graphite powder. Check — Live_Young_Diecast

I use P-81 light oil.  1 bottle is about $5.  After 2 years, i have only used half of it.  The wheels eventually get gummed up, but you can always just take the car apart and put new ones on, no big deal.  Much easier than the hours people spend on polishing.

  • I guess I'm polishing wrong. With a Dremel tool I spend about a minute, maybe 2 per car. — Peter_Bee

Thanks for info everyone!

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