Various random track layouts and themed car teams

dustdriver Tuesday, 10/13/2020

I've been trying different track layouts, usually short tracks with at least one unique feature. Examples are loops, jumps, cross roads, and other stuff like that. I'm new to making these kinds of videos. I have been watching other channels and I've greatly enjoyed watching them. I really am loving watching all the diecast racing channels and also making videos for my channel. Most of my more recent racing videos have two teams of cars, usually one and sometimes both of them have a theme. My tracks are sometimes themed around movies and games like Jurrassic Park, Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, Transformers, and Batman, with other themes possibly being added in the future. Maybe a Marvel, Jaws, or some other themed tracks sometime if I get around to it. My diecast racing teams so far have been Batman's Team, Darth Vader's Team, Hot Wheels Boneshaker's Team, The Mandalorion's Team, A Street Racing Team, A high speed pursuit car team, R2d2's Rebel Team, and few other teams that haven't had any specifc theme. Some of them haven't been uploaded yet, a few are still in a folder on my desktop or on my camera. I'm not sure if anyone else will enjoy the idea of movie themed tracks and movie themed cars like the ones I mentioned. I don't always race that kind of car. My ultimate goal at this time is to create a realistc track with at least four lanes to race cars down. I'll build one some day. I really like the ones I've seen on other Diecast Racing channels. Not really sure how to make one yet. I'd like to learn more about track building and how to create tracks that look real. I hope I didn't upload too many photos / videos at once. I'm just really excited about racing my cars.  Tatooine Hot Wheels Track Batman VS Boneshaker Hot Wheels Racing

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