Video Racer-Iowa Track

iowastockcars Friday, 2/17/2012

Last month Coby ran his HW Video Racer down the league track. He ran it backwards giving it a head start as the Lotus Concept-SW, T-RexTroyer (Color Shifter), and the new Indy Racer car played catch up.

Check out the video that we came up with.

Next month I plan on getting more video from his car to make another one.


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model40fan 2/17/12

EXELLENT, the feeling of being passed is frustratingly familiar... i like the frame to frame stop action... did the purple car finally overtake the leader ?

Nope, that final still shot was taken right over the finish line. It was the final race for our new Feather Weight class (took the idea from the mail in race). The class just eliminated the all metal cars.

I had that car (Thomasina) which got 2nd and Cade had the 360 Modena that got 3rd. You can really see that Modena bouncing from side to side in those still shots. The 2010 Ford Mustang FTE took home the championship. Those brown FTE mustangs are consistently the fastest 2nd Generation FTEs, behind the Ferrari 458s.

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EconoCarl 2/17/12

Hey iowastockcars, now that you've tested are you sending in cars for the Featherweight Diecast Challenge?

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GspeedR 2/17/12

Loved the video!...Video Racers are awesome, especially on looooonnnng track.

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Jobe 2/17/12

That is too cool running it ahead and backwards of the!

Yeah, cool video. The stop motion helps. I especially like the kids jumping around pumping their fist!

Here is the next video that we took after our March races. It was a good month. Three wins for Cade and two 2nd place finishes for Coby.

I messed up the video and have tons of dead space after it. Oh well. Im really liking using the slow motion. You can see what the cars are really doing on the track. Otherwise they are so fast, its hard to see the bumps the cars are seeing.

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