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Vintage Sports Car Tournament (FULL)

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On the way!

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Sam_Haul 5/15/23

Yo, if it's still available, throw me in as that last alternate.  Been busy, but not sure how I missed this, have to keep an eye out for your next one.  One benefit of me as an alternate is I think I could even hand deliver an entry to you, since I think we may be close enough for that?  (I live in the Damascus area outside of Portland).  Anyway, Sam Haul, Team DRT3K, #1 or #6.  

Looking forward to watching the race, in any case!

  • Sweet! I'm sorry you missed it but got you in that alt position. As a matter of fact, I likely will be going to Washington in about four weeks, I could swing by! I live on the coast in Bandon. Let me know, save ya some postage & we could meet! :) — G_ForceRacing

George, for GTR please add driver: Speedball Herman, #38

Some very nice cars arriving...

Fractal Panda

Puff Racing

Dubious Diecast

R-Lo Racing

Bolo Brown

Crazy Canuk

Crazy Canuks spare car for whomever might need a replacement or if we're short a car~ thanx Canuk!

Uncle Elvis 

I wouldn't cut him off!!

  • Awesome! We should really build up a goofy race like this for fun, with big monsters sticking up out of the cars. — SpyDude
  • I know, when I said, "convertibles need drivers", I didn't specify human! — G_ForceRacing

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