Tournaments and RacingVoxxer Racing and FOTF at Indonesia National Championships

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First, after many tries and still not able to post on RLD, I want to post the upcoming event.

Voxxer Racing and FOTF will be sending racers to the Indonesia National Downhill Championships.  I will be posting pic and videos of the preparations and events, as I receive them.    Pls visit Voxxer Racing on Facebook. 


Voxxer Racing and FOTF 

Good Luck Guys!!!! I know you two will represent the RLD community and with class!!!

Give'em Hell Boys!!!!

Wow, that's awesome! The tracks over there look crazy...hope you guys do well. Hope you share your experience before and after. Also hope the guys over there put up photos/video somewhere so we can see how it goes.

Good luck!

And do you have a link or something you can share if others want to try out some international competition? I'm sure it's too late now for the event you're in, but getting some insight into that process would be great to hear.

Good luck Voxxer Racing and FOTF!!!!

Give them hell. Looking forward to seeing the races on RLD

All updates will be posted to Voxxer Racing fb page.  

I will check it out...Chevroletor looks ready to rock!!!

Voxxer Racings Indonesia Entry

Thanks for the well-wishes! Looking forward to this ... never raced internationally before.

I'll probably post some updates on as well after I get them (though I tend to be rather slow about that lately). For now, here are (hopefully) the terrors of the Indonesian stock divisions:

Give ' em hell Brother

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