Hot Hubs wheels, Voxxer Racing

VoxxerRacing Wednesday, 6/16/2021

USA. Voxxer Racing .... Asking for feedback !!!
What do you think ?? Hot Hub ( hh ) wheels ...
Any success or stay away ... pro and cons ????
Ready for final assembly on this Cadillac V16, to be headed to BLR for the NE Beast time trials.


Hot Hub Wheels? That's crazy and very hard to find. Let's see if he has what it takes??? 

The North East Beast has been my Enemy Since Day One! This track kills me! Good luck Voxxer! 

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Mattman213 6/16/21

Ive got a couple cars with them in my wheel donor bin but have yet to try them out.


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RAGTAG_JIM 6/16/21

wish i could find more to be honest

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GhostRacing 6/16/21

Those are pretty rare wheels. I don't know if anyone has raced on them to give feedback. I say use them if they've tested well. I'm definitely interested to see what they can do though.

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redlinederby 6/16/21
Site manager

What are Hot Hubs wheels? The playset cars...??

Never seen/heard of them before...what makes them so great and rare?

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VoxxerRacing 6/17/21

1995 Hot Hubs Series

  • Ah ha...I might have that purple dragon thing in a bin somewhere, actually...looks familiar. So just rare that they were limited to a run in '95 and only a few castings. Gotcha. — redlinederby
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BiffsPlace 6/17/21

I have seen the wheels but never had my hands on them. Im sure ya spun the wheels what are your thoughts on feel and spin out? 

  • to me if you polish and graphite them they are good but same could be said for mainline wheels.... but the ones i have on my rivited that spin really good — RAGTAG_JIM
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