Want be a team captain? Vacancy on Larks

redlinederby Wednesday, 7/10/2013
Site manager

With McJiggles leaving the league for the near future, the captain's position on the Studebaker Larks team is open if anyone wants it. First one to comment here on PM me will get the spot and you can immediately start swapping out your roster.

The Larks are at a deficit already with a 1-3 record after the first 2 weeks of racing, but that doesn't mean a comeback is out of the question! Get in now and build the ultimate team of racers.

What's it take to be a captain? Just pay attention to how your team is doing. If you see a team member isn't pulling their weight, drop them and acquire a new player. Assemble a winning team and if your team wins the championship you'll all get a ton of extra credits and unlock achievements.

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