Welcome To Joe's Garage

Saleens281 Wednesday, 12/9/2020

Started a seperate channel to discuss all things adult diecast. From racing, to track building and modding. You never know what you guys might find going on at Joe's Garage!



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Gunslinger 12/9/20

Subscribing now

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Chaos_Canyon 12/9/20

Would you like us to put this in the DSPN report? If so can you post your channel link into the DSPN forum. www.redlinederby.com/go/dspnweekly 

  • Yes that would be awesome and much appreciated!! — Saleens281
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TuxMcBea 12/10/20

We could jam in Joe's Garage
His mama was screamin'
His dad was mad

  • We were always in the garage up to no good! — Saleens281
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Leroy1 12/10/20

Hello. Do you know were the grandkids and I can buy a finnish gate with a light to say what lane wins ?  2 lane 

  • I actually made mine. Which was fairly simple. You may want to check the track building section here. Or possibly try to find the 6 lane race set that come with an electronic finish line. — Saleens281
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