What do use to paint your cars?

LottaSpeedRacing Tuesday, 1/23/2024

Just throw out some ideas as to what you do with styles, types, etc.

Also point out the types of paint.


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redlinederby 1/23/24
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Browse through the Paint & Decails collection to get lots of ideas. But I always just used normal gloss spray paint and it worked pretty well. No complaints but I wasn't trying to put together super-detailed cars.

I did get a air brush set with intent to do cars but never got into it very far...ended up just going back to easy spray paint to get the job done. I was too impatient :)

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Crazy_Canuck 1/24/24

Generic rattle cans...mostly "painters touch"... I also freehand with Acrylic Paint Markers as they don't react with clear coat. Oil based paint markers don't like the water based clear...

Ive experimented with chalk markers as well. Those will glow under black light, but decals don't typically like to lay down on the chalk. If I need decals over the chalk I will clear coat once I'm happy with the design, then lay down decals.

half the fun is experimenting... so just have at it!

BRG rattle can base
Yellow acrylic paint marker
waterslide decals

more examples of paint pens over rattle cans

chalk markers mixed/blended then gold acrylic applied to highlight 

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StrayDog 1/24/24

As a long time miniatures wargamer, I just went with Citadel Paints, some TurboDork, some AK. Mostly learning now to translate that style to a drastically different scale.

I have kind of settled on a tamiya white primer base coat with decals and a gloss clear coat using automotive clear through my chea pass airbrush. The white shows my inkjet printed decals better and the automotive clear is tough and polishable if I feel the need. I do not like the current big brand rattle can paints and have had all kinds of issues with running, adhesion and interactions between brands.

Trying to keep it simple while I attempt to figure out how to make a car faster...

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Numbskull 1/24/24

rust oleum spray cans  outdoors   and I wear a mask

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Kingjester 1/24/24

I use spray cans, mainly the ones you find at Hobby Lobby, but if you got the hand for it, you can also try hand painting with paint brushes to do some little decals. 

Just a couple examples.

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