What is the minimum camera to buy for video?

dr_dodge Friday, 5/12/2023

I am planning on purchasing my first camera.  Kinda thinking about a gopro, but would like to hear suggestions.  I want it to shoot slo-mo, stationary mounted.

($350 budget)

so what works, and what doesn't?




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redlinederby 5/12/23
Site manager

Lots of good info and ideas in the Video & Photography collection of topics.

If you have the budget then I'm sure a GoPro will do nicely but I've never had one. I just used my iPhone and it did the job surprisingly well. 

  • was looking at gopros, and they have 8 - 11 (confusing, to say the least). Just want to make sure I don't spend my money on a camera that doesn't shoot the slomo good — dr_dodge
  • Do your research but I think just about any GoPro will do awesome slowmo. Make sure you consider the software you're gonna use to create/edit the videos too. — redlinederby
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Chaos_Canyon 5/12/23

Go pro hero 7-9 black editions are good. Also a phone (iPhone or galaxy) that is less than 3 years old also do great slow mo, the only downside is you have less control with the phone cameras. 

i have run a range of go pros, from 4's to the new 11 minis, so am familiar with most of them. The 10 and 11 series have tons of issues with batteries not charging, overheating, shutting down or just not turning on at all. The footage looks great when they work but out of the 5 11minis I have currently, 2 just no longer power on and I need to replace them and they're less than 6 months old. 

  • I was wondering about the 7-8's, if they were good enough, sold me 7-9 black, i I guess, thanks — dr_dodge
  • how long does a 8 last recording? — dr_dodge
  • My 7 can record up to about 30mins at 1080P 240FPS, which is solid. — Chaos_Canyon
  • thanks! — dr_dodge
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dr_dodge 5/16/23

new toy

thanks for all the advice

hero 8

$250 off of the (amazon) death star

excited to use it, need an sd card, but need to get some cars done for races first

the first of many...lol

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dr_dodge 5/21/23

got it going yesterday.  my first edited wreck video is here


I got miles to go, but am getting the hang of it well

fun stuff!

one problem, slo mo (~240 f/s)  vids won't play on my pc's, or even open


  • Check what format the video is recorded in, it may be HEVC which is a high compression format. VLC Player should play them. Some editing software doesn't support them however and your files will need to be converted first. I purchased 9 and certain settings like 4k60fps only record in HEVC. So you may could just change the format on the camera and avoid this issue all together. — AP3_Diecast
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redlinederby 5/22/23
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I know it's from a couple years ago but here's a thread about GoPro alternatives for those with a tight budget (like me). But lots of other good insight into cameras in the discussion too: www.redlinederby.com/topic/cheap-action-cam-for-race-footage-runcam-5/3958

  • Thanks for both the links. I'd rather not spend more money for something that isn't up to snuff. — LobotomyScam
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dr_dodge 5/22/23

I now have a channel.


first testing on the jamestown track highlights

first good vids of the upside down flooring material, too

will update the build thread

thank y'all

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dr_dodge 6/19/23

well, I passed 10 years of service at my job.
they asked what I wanted..... 

I now have 2 more gopro's  

3 total!!  wahooo!!

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LobotomyScam 7/31/23

Wow, cool company to work for, it seems. I'm going to check out your YouTube channel pronto.

  • thanks, I am learning lots in this endevor, thats for sure — dr_dodge
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Beaverworx 8/1/23

So far just been useing Android phone cams. Good place to start

  • I don't have a phone, it prevents the drone strike. — dr_dodge
  • Agreed. Your phone or on-hand camera will do great while you get your process down. You can always upgrade. — redlinederby

I've got an iPhone 11 and an iPhone 8SE...both talk to each other quite easily...and shoot well...I don't have a computer so all of my editing is dove via the iPhone

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dr_dodge 8/18/23


just ordered one of these to control the 3 cameras

anyone ever use one of these?

(also ordered 2 batteries, and a charger)


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