Track Building and BuyingWhats the fastest Diecast car out there new/old?

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I started a new section on our facebook page all about what diecast car you think is the fastest? We are featuring some different wheels and cars on there. Also its pretty much sticks with the Big 4 Johnny Lightning, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Tiger Wheels. I dont think Racing Champions, Maisto, Ertl, ect. can hang with the Big 4 on the gravity tracks so we are'nt doing anything on them. I myself dont think any of the newer diecast today can match with the more older diecast when it comes to gravity racing but thats why I am starting this new thread just to get your opinions on this topic. Also I am asking that when you post a reply that you are talking STOCK cars not MODIFIED! I have always liked to hear what other people over the years have said what they think is some of the fastest diecast cars on the tracks is it a original Hot Wheels Redline Sidekick or S Cool Bus? or a Johnny Lightning Black W Flames Camaro? or maybe a Matchbox Superfast old or new? or even something from the new Hot Ones series by Hot Wheels? Give me your opinion and even a picture of a car if you have one. Lets have fun with this! I will even post up some of your ideas on our facebook page

I have lots of cars that others here have that are suppose to be at the top of the list...some are, and some are just duds. You can go out and buy 5 cars that are exactly the same, and I would bet that they would all run differently. is my latest find, at a thrift store...and it is my top runner. It's called the "CCM Country Club Muscle"

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Yup, ^^ on my 'wish list'(preferably the htf 'Race Aces' version) the 'Unobtainium 1', a Plastic body on a balanced metal chassis + LWB = smoooooth, FTE killin' speed on some tracks

Agreed on the Race Aces version of the CCM Country Club Muscle. I don't have one myself but a couple have won multiple races on our 50 foot league track. However, it now falls under the "outlaw" class and can only be run once per year in a special race due to the nickle plated axles/wheels.

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