Whats your fastest Car?

CRPRacing Friday, 10/11/2019

The fastest car I had running on my Track was the Ford F-150 Truck ( this thing never loast a race )  Until now facing Fast Master ( the black one) 

I am in the process of trying to find another Ford F-150 and Fast master to see if if that was a fluke ... just wanted to hear from you all about what car was the fastest on your track 


gazella gt rocket league 5 pack edition

  • 5-pack cars...often underestimated yet some are unbeatable, go figure? — GspeedR
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GspeedR 10/11/19

I picked up a `92 Ford Mustang(2019 mainline) from Target last week which is showing lots of promise. It's one of the original Modern Classics castings with a big, beefy metal body and grey MC5 wheels. While I'm not really a fan of MC5s, these happen to roll almost effortlessly on all 4 corners, so no complaints.

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LeagueofSpeed 10/11/19
Event coordinator

My fastest stock right now is the 50th Anniversary 67 Fastback Mustang 

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