Whats your fastest Car?

CRPRacing Saturday, 10/19/2019

I just wanted to know thoese of you who race.... whats some of your fastest cars ( or Fastest car ) stock ? 

I recently came across the Fast Master casting ( the balck one ) and its really fast..... smoke my Ford F150 each time 

Right now my track is only 9 ft long , but even with a longer track I still think Fast Master will win each time 

Just looking for some feedback 


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Dadvball 10/20/19

The fastest car I have is a Johnny Lightning 1969 black with flames Camaro from their Streak Freaks series from years ago.  

  • Dose it have rubber tires? I am looking to get some Johnny Lighting cars , just worried about the rubber tires.... Rubber tires make the cars slower ( at least on Hot wheels ) — CRPRacing
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GspeedR 10/20/19

These are my present 'front line' of stock racers...some faster than others depending on the track.

 - GspeedR

  • Awesome collection! — Dadvball
  • Cool. I should get all my winners together...however few there may be. — redlinederby
  • wow thanks for sharing ..... I am in the process of getting my Fastest Cars together for some pics as well — CRPRacing
  • by the way are they all Hot wheels? are any Johnny Lighting ? Matchbox in the fastest car group? — CRPRacing
  • Lower picture Top Right, what is that car? — madmax
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LeagueofSpeed 10/20/19
Event coordinator

My fastest stock is the 50th Anniversary 67 Mustang Fastback 

  • Wow! I never would have guessed that was that fast. — Dadvball
  • check out Fast Master ( the black one ) its fast — CRPRacing
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Kevblokey 5/7/20

Sorry to reply to a thread that was posed ages ago, but here's my past & present KOTHs that have all been raced in tournaments over a 21' drag strip over the years. These are, therefore, my fastest cars.



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