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What's your favorite casting from childhood?

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Wen was young my favorite was matchbox ford turbocoupe thunder bird ..and the sherrif patrol car..but now I have to say it is the flat out 442 ..BC when I was gatting back into the game it was my fastest car..and I really like oldsmobiles..and I am sad that they are no longer manufactured

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madmax 4/25/20

Redline Era Child..  simply what I knew as Hot Wheels.

My Green Boss Hoss was my favourite. I like the spoiler series. I was always taking the tires off the spoilers and putting them on the Original Camaros and Firebirds to make them faster.  Oh and that's when discovered those little white things come off ouch.  

I had always wanted a Woody Wagon..and I remember my mom going on a trip across the border to the states and she brought me back the Woody Wagon.. man, it's wheels were pretwisted, wouldn't go well down the track and crashed everytime it tried the loop..

And boy did I love that Woody.. which is why... 45 years later.. you see this

I grew up in the 80s. Only one car had style. The Cadillac Seville...

  • Unexpected but alright :) — redlinederby
  • I've always loved the mafia. In the 80s it was the Untouchables movie and John Gotti. And the cars they drove were Lincolns and Cadillacs. — MikeDoolzinski
  • It is totally a gangster car, I'll give you that. I totally forgot about that movie, need to see if it's streaming somewhere... — redlinederby

Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider.  Today its the Corvette C6R Speed Machines Car, just like the real deal and close to my full size 2006 C6.

55 Gasser, Blown Delivery, Mod Rod, and giant dragsters are also favea.

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