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What's your favorite casting from childhood?

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redlinederby 12/15/23
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Another car that's a favorite if only because it's tied to a great memory, is what I found out was a Matchbox called the Cosmic Blues. It's a muscle car with a HUGE blown motor. My grandma gave it to me when I was really young and I just remember playing with it all the time because it was one of the few I cherished, probably because that motor was so shiny and huge. I wish I knew what happened to it, but it likely ended up in the diecast graveyard known as my sandbox.

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RayRaySugar 12/15/23

AMC Gremlin. The 70's had some great castings, but this was my favorite.

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BadWoolRacing 12/15/23

My favorite casting from my childhood wasn't a Hot Wheel, or even a car for that matter. It was this guy, UFO Robot Grendizer.

This was it for me.  You will see #3 on my race submissions.

My favorite casting from childhood was this guy. My cousin and I used to play with these cars all day every day in the summer and would argue over who got this one. His brother was in a wheelchair, so they had a wheelchair ramp coming up to their house. Of course we raced the cars down the ramp.

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Phil_NWA1 12/17/23

I am showing my age as Hot Wheels weren't around until I was ten years old, on the plus side it meant my first Hot Wheels was one of the sweet 16. A maroon Custom T Bird with matt black roof, for a kid from the UK to have such a cool American muscle car was brilliant. Sadly I don't have the car now, I do still have a passion for 60/70s American muscle cars which Hot Wheels can still satisfy.

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Fat_Dad 12/18/23

My prized hot wheel growing up was a 1985 Ultra Hot version of Spoiler Sport called "Street Scorcher":

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