Where's the Fantasy League?

redlinederby Saturday, 4/26/2014
Site manager

You've probably noticed that the Fantasy League is still unavailable following the new site launch.

Unfortunately, due to time I had put off the Fantasy League upgrade until a future date. The topics and posts (the forum) are the heart of the site and needed attention before everything else. Now that the new site is here with the primary functions going through its paces, the Fantasy League is on deck to get the love and attention it so desperately deserves.

I'm hoping to get the Fantasy League back online sometime this summer but I make no guarantees. Rebuilding entire web sites is no small job, especially for one part-time worker. Importing all the old game data, cars, tracks and everything else will take some time and I need to be careful because I don't want to lose any information.

I want to see the game back in action as much as you do but I don't want to rush things and release a half-built game. The Fantasy League road map has some great new features that will help the League build and grow...even beyond being a Hot Wheels-only game.

And don't worry...your League stats, trophies and history will not be lost.


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redlinederby 8/22/14
Site manager

Summer 2014 Update - As you can see, it's the end of summer and still no official Fantasy League. Unfortunately, I still can't predict any good date for it coming back...but I will continue to tell you that I'm working on it as much as I can with the time available. I'd like to say that by the end of this year is still within reason but that's shaping up to be less of a probability.

My family is moving into a new house in October so our current house is a mess getting it ready to sell and then come moving time it will be weeks of living out of boxes - if you've moved before, you know the pain. So a lot of time has been dedicated to that venture along with regular family duties, not to mention much of my Hot Wheels stuff (cars and tracks) have been put into storage.

Even if the Fantasy League was ready to go online now, I wouldn't feel right running the first season without hosting most, if not all, of the first season myself. I couldn't ask others to host races while also testing out a new game...that's not fair to anyone.

So in the interim, I encourage everyone to participate in the thread-based fantasy tournaments some of the members have been running. They'll all great fun and continue to be a resource for researching competition between cars (and actually a lot more freedoms than the old game). And if you have a good stash of cars in your collection along with a track, why not do your own quick fantasy league and let everyone play along?

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions - feel free to post or message me.