Which Dremel bits should I use?

HappyCamper Wednesday, 5/13/2015

So far I have been using a round cutter to slice up my cars but I've decided to create my first gasser for the Bare Metal Muscle Series and it is too big to cut a hole in the hood.  What is the best bit for more delicate cut jobs?


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72_Chevy_C10 5/13/15
Event coordinator

When I'm doing stuff like that, I will start by drilling a hole and use small files to make the hole the correct size/shape. The metal the bodies are made of is really very soft and using dremel bits, it is very easy to take too much material away.

But, Smitty cuts a lot of hoods, he probably has a clever way of doing it!

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CrzyTrkrDude 5/13/15


Be very careful using #117. 

It is BRUTAL and will remove ALOT of material in a hurry... But sometimes, that is what is needed.

 It is my favorite!!!  LOL 

( did this in 5 minutes!!


( no gifts were harmed in the making of this, future 5th wheel car hauler)


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HappyCamper 5/13/15

Great answers.  Thanks guys!

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model40fan 5/13/15

Use a hacksaw, start at one forward edge...

cut from there diagonally to the hood's rear center...

then cut down that side's fender edge...

now cut diagonally from the forward edge of the other side to the rear center...

then cut down the other fender edge...

this leaves a rearward pointing v...

cut diagonally from where you can get the blade in, to that side's rear outer edge..

repeat for the other side...

the reason for this pattern is to keep the body as strong as possible while you cut...

gently file the remaining 2 forward pointing v's...

file all edges till happy...

 I did a drawing of how-to but don't know how to find it...

  • so you are cutting from the cowl, forward, right Smitty? — 72_Chevy_C10
  • oh, i re-read the topic... above is to REMOVE the hood, sorry. — model40fan

Use an old metal cutting bit...they slowly get smaller and smaller.  

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redlinederby 5/13/15
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I'm partial to Dremel bit #115 in the chart above. The #117 is a great grinder like Trucker says but it's angled and more often I want the grind to flat at the angle I'm holding it, so #115 seems to be better than that. However, #117 is better for making bigger holes...like C10 suggests, drill first then widen with #117

I've never used the #119 but it looks quite handy for cuts maybe. And while I'm sure it's the "wrong" bit to use, I use one of the Gyro disc bits when I have to like cut out chunks or squares or something. They get chewed up quick but it does the trick. (I use it because it came with my Dremel set, never bothered to try others)


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