Build Journal: Wile E. Canyon (and Odette Siko track)

Coyote Friday, 4/8/2022

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Hi folks,

I'm currently building a second die-cast gravity track, in my workshop, the first one is in my kids bedroom.

the pictures will speak for me but I'll try to comment details.

first I introduce those I build for my kids (and me).

It started with a shelf built for them... then I saw few tracks parts and as I watche some 3Dbotmaker's races before a idea came.

In the begin it was short. Too short. I decided to invest on track parts. Then more. And more...

And details, more and more details.

At a moment I bought Crash Racers tracks...

And then decided to build another track, at work, as I use my extruded polystyren wastes to form the rocks.

This day I'm also proud with the start gate I just made, another step is reached.

It will need weeks to fix all and finish this track properly.

Glad to share this with you, see you on the tracks !


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Bongo 4/8/22

Whoa! That's amazing. I love seeing the evolution. 

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Chaos_Canyon 4/10/22

It's looking really cool

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CptnZedx1a 4/10/22

     Impressive! the "stone" bridges and towers do remind me of the landscape of many a cartoon. Please show this track in action as soon as you are able.

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Rainsford 4/11/22

I like that you incorporated a train into the first track, that's a nice touch I like as a railfan!

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SpyDude 4/11/22

DUDE ........

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Coyote 4/11/22

Thank you !

About cartoon, it's the spirit of this track

Wile E. Coyote got his little cottage with outdoor dry toilets but no more shrubbery, he lost at poker against a knight who say ni. Just miss a mailbox.

A shop just opened today, they need a stock and an interior design

First attempt with sand, I'll have to fix some lack but I now have a "not bad" method

There'll be a train here too. And two railroads downside, at the bottom.

for action, I can show few vid' but no real race (for the moment !?...)

To be continued ...

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SpyDude 4/11/22

Love it! That last corner at the crossing is going to be super wicked, though ....

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redlinederby 4/11/22
Site manager

This is all very awesome. It's great to see a little spin on the real-world modeling for tracks, especially one so fun. Great use of the foam too.

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CptnZedx1a 4/11/22

     I suspect Wile E. should stay far away from any games of chance with a knight who says Ekki-ekki-ekki-ekki-ptang-zoom-boing. Znourrwringmm. Great footage, though.

Incredible! The creativity you have shown is inspiring. Thanks for showing everyone your tracks.

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Sneaky_Bob 4/14/22

Nice job.

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Coyote 4/14/22

Thanks !

yesterday I received some more stuff I really like, and now I know where I have to glue sand.

Other items are incomming, one is Plymouth Road Runner and another one is a Hazzard county sheriff's car.

And I reserved for this summer (import) a wood wheels DeLorean version... About that, did someone knows if it can fit on a HO/OO railroad !? It could be funny.

  • Look this I think the car is not 1/64, but... — Kastanets

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