Track Building and BuyingWOO Racing starting gate

Wow sharp!  Would love to see that thing in action.

How does it work -is it spring activated?
Yes the second picture shows the spring on the left side
love it... makes mine look Sloppy...


My only advice would be to run Drag Track track...but, I tell everybody that! Nice work...I think that flip up gates are really the most fair way to start the cars (drop pin gates let the higher car go first!). What are you doing for a finish line? The 3dBot is a nice setup.

I'm going to go Drag Track. Especially after seeing your video of your Raceway.
I can make changes or just make another either way.
Cool, the hill is piece of 1/8" x 6" aluminum, 6' nicely supports the DT

if you add a sliding pin release you can start with a string... makes video taping much easier...

i would offer to make one but your work speaks for itself... great starter... rock on !

Good idea I hadn't thought about. Mainly because we aren't as far along as all of you here on Redline. I'm sure we will be heading in that direction. I was just going for the fair start. 

Wow, very pro build there - did you mill all those parts yourself or are they off-the-shelf things? I'd buy one :)

I've been thinking how to make a new start gate for my own track with wood parts, since that's all I'm good at. Wondering if your design would translate nicely...hmmm...

Styrene both the black and white. The 1/4 shaft, collars, and pillow blocks are all overkill but I like to overbuild as a rule. Yes they're off the shelf items. 

That starter look great!!!  Would like to see a video with it being used.  Very,Very, nice craftsmanship!!!

I need a parts list.  To make the hinge etc.

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