WorpeX.net Demolition Tournament Preview

WorpeX Saturday, 5/12/2012

Diecast Cars, Hot Wheels, Matchbox

So I was messing around with some destroy them. So, I fixed my track a little and built an obstacle coarse of sorts... one which is very harsh on the cars! Its an open track with two cliffs and something which I refer to as the "Climb". This is a very slightly raised area of the track which is PUNISHING to the cars because they hit it and fly in the air. Its quite the sight to see when you have a race of 4-6 cars going at once!

The rules? A car needs to win 2 races in order to be considered the winner (3 for finals). When a race is over, the next race is done in a reverse order of the previous races finishing position. For example, first place in race 1 would be starting in the very last spot for the second race and so on and so forth.

So! Now that my testing is done, I would like to hold an actual tournament on the coarse (with junkers!). Trouble is, I don't know what type of race I would like to do. So! I made a video showcasing all the different variations of races that I could do and I would like if you guys told me which one you like the best!

Check out the video here:

Here is what I need from you guys: Tell me which of the following formats you would like to see in an upcoming video tournament:
1. 2 cars side-by-side
2. 3 cars side-by-side
3. 6 Cars in 2 rows
4. 4 cars in 2 rows
5. 4 cars in 1 row
6. A whole bunch of cars in 3 rows.

Let me know and enjoy the video! Also, no fast cars were harmed in the making of this film.... Plenty of junkers did though! That "Sooo Fast" sure did take a beating!


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GspeedR 5/13/12

Very cool, WorpeX. I like the way the cars 'jockey' for position @ the start, especially when the heavier/faster cars are in the back. That silver Ferrari(355 Spyder?) broke to the middle and almost made a textbook run! However, I'm not too crazy about 'The Climb'. The pack of cars just seems to explode when they hit it. But I will admit that its neat to watch in slow-mo... would make it more realistic.


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WorpeX 5/13/12

Yeah, that spider went all the way from the back to 3rd in that huge race! it was pretty impressive. I kinda just wanted to see things get destroyed and fight each other for the win. Needed a good use for my slow cars! I love the video where the Sooo Fast flies a good 2 or 3 inches into the air and the testarossa ends up fighting off 2 other cars with just its body for the win.

The "Climb" actually makes the races interesting with a smaller group of cars because some of the cars hit it as if its just a small jump, so they don't flip over, its just cool to watch. Like the Testrarossa, for example. So when you have a group of cars like that, things get really interesting! Sadly, a lot of the better races didn't get video'd... in one of them that I remember, the IROC Camaro hit the climb and flew into onto the orange track and won the race from that!

You're right, a fireball would be better... hmmmmmm... I'll have to see what I can do!

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