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ROADRAGE RACING would like a shot at this.  



CAR:  no name was on the bottom but the picture above is what I would like to send in.  If not I can choose something else.  


  • You're in, and that my friend is Nitro Doorslammer. — SweetJP
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Numbskull 3/18/23

Count me in please.

Driver: Numbskull

Team: Numbskull Racing

Casting: Hot Wheels Bubble Gunner

0utsiders street racing is in.

driver: Chelsea Darkbreeze

running the Volkswagen Kafer Racer.

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TheMakersBox 3/18/23

Driver: Boxer

Team: MakersBox Motors

Casting: Zuru Scorpio

  • You've got it. — SweetJP
  • I just purchased one of those. It is sweet. — Numbskull
  • Don't forget to send in your entry — SweetJP
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Kingjester 3/20/23

Kingjester will gladly participate in this event 


Team:Jester Motorworks

Casting:Bully Goat

  • You've got it. You will be the 1st one on the Reserves List so you will join the event on the 2nd Race to replace one of the other Driver's/Teams. Will still need your entry before the deadline. — SweetJP
  • Hey sweet jp,I’ve made a bit of a change to my casting choice if I can switch,rather than using bully goat I was thinking of using A Super Van,but I wanted to know if that’s okay and if vans are okay — Kingjester
  • You can change castings but the Super Van isn't futuristic looking enough for this event. Also, taller vehicles like that are not likely to do well. — SweetJP
  • Alright is Rodger dodger 2.0 eligible? — Kingjester
  • Yes, good choice — SweetJP
  • Hey Jp if you could you might wanna change the casting on my name to Rodger dodger 2.0 just so yah know people don’t get confused since on the list it’s still under bully goat — Kingjester
  • Done — SweetJP

Any room left on the reserves list?

Driver: Fractal Panda

Team: Fractal Panda Diecast Racing

Vehicle: would any of GT Hunter, Dimanchinni Veloce, Corvette Indy or Scoopa Di Fuego (see picture) be acceptable?

If one of these is okay, I'll get modifying it!


Edit: Picture of the modified entry added!

  • You are in as Reserves List Driver #3. I'd choose Scoopa Di Fuego first followed by GT Hunter, Corvette Indy, and then Dimanchinni Veloce. Let me know what you decide — SweetJP
  • I'll modify the Scoopa Di Fuego, then! — Fractal_Panda
  • awesome — SweetJP
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Kingjester 3/29/23

  • Awesome — SweetJP
  • Added weight (although it’s only 43 grams) with wheel swap,custom green paint,and graphited/lubed axels.It’s on the light side but weight isn’t everything — Kingjester
  • Too much weight may not be good either. Sounds good. — SweetJP
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Old_Sarge 4/18/23

Wow just saw the clip from movie, great idea, I am to late to enter but....

  • Decide on a casting and provide a Team Name / Driver Name and I will add you to the backup list just incase there is a no show. Also, that will line you up for Yellowline 2 next year — SweetJP
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Peach 4/22/23

i am down where do i sign

  • Decide on a casting and provide a Team Name / Driver Name and I will add you to the backup list just incase there is a no show. Also, that will line you up for Yellowline 2 next year — SweetJP
  • Driver Peach GX Team Valley Thunders Casting muscle and Blown — Peach
  • scratch muscle and blown open windows — Peach
  • Muscle and Blown works. I have you down as 3rd on the Standby List. So likely be YELLOWLINE 2 in 2024 if you are still interested. Not sure what your last comment "scratch muscle and blown open windows" is specifically. — SweetJP
  • its windows — Peach
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Kingjester 5/10/23

My Rodger dodger 2.0 but with an updated look to go with a more apocalyptic theme

  • Looks awesome! — SweetJP
  • You nailed it! — SweetJP
  • Haha I get it “nailed it” very clever — Kingjester
  • Don't forget to send in your entry — SweetJP
  • Hey just sent out the Rodger dodger today,should be there in about 5-6 days (that’s how long it took when I sent out my big wheeled caddilac elmiraj to 905 diecast for that wheelie big race) so it’ll be there before the deadline — Kingjester
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Marco_Polo 5/26/23

On the way  to Yellowline 1 !!!

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Numbskull 5/30/23

Numbskull Racing is on the way.

  • You seem to have a thing with redline wheels as of recently.I like it makes it stick out more — Kingjester
  • I do love them. — Numbskull
  • Are they aftermarket or you just have a bunch stored from castings that had these wheels? — Kingjester
  • Hot Ones Chase Series — Numbskull
  • Awesome and love the Hot Ones Chase Series wheels too! — SweetJP

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