YouTube Diecast Series 2022 (Multi-Track Series)

Monday, December 27th, 2021
Hosted by WeRaceDiecast
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WeRaceDiecast Monday, 8/30/2021

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This page serves as the home for the YouTube Diecast Series (YDS) Rules and Signups.

Thank you!


Update (21 Sep): Unfortunately Transport Diecast Racing will not be able to host for the series due to personal/life reasons. Wish all the best to TDR and we apologize for the change in plans. The show will go on, and schedule remains the same, but we will be a 3 track event as of now. Thank you!

Update (18 Oct): All cars have arrived except for 1. Qualifying will happen soon, but won't be public till Mid November. Qualifying will be recorded and posted to Facebook. Thank you to everyone who got their car in on time! Good luck in Quals!

Update (1 Nov): Qualifying has been completed and will be released on YouTube over the course of 3 videos starting this Friday! The first 21 Drivers will be in the first Qualifying video. Drops 5 Nov @11AM (EST). Hope to See you there! Good luck to the Drivers!

Series Details

This is a Full Custom Mail-In Tournament that will run across 4 YouTube Channels:

  1. WeRaceDiecast:
  2. Commotion Diecast:
  3. EPVideos:

There will be 60 MAXIMUM drivers that can sign up (1 per household). 8 Standby competitors that will be on call in case someone backs out or misses the deadline.

All 60 drivers will qualify at WeRaceDiecast on Clutch Mountain. Only the top 16 will make it into the Series and run across all 4 YouTube Channels. There will also be a DNQ Tournament with the next 32 drivers based on qualifying times. 

If we do a little math 16 + 32 = 48 drivers. This means the last 12 drivers based on qualifying time will not be featured in either the Main Series or DNQ series.

There will be a $10 dollar entry fee for all 60 competitors. This must be paid via PAYPAL and by the Deadline for cars to be in. The fee covers shipping the DNQ cars home, shipping between tracks and some of the prizes. Fees may be more for international drivers where the cost of shipping home is high.

Do Not send in cars without getting confirmation that you are in the series. This is a monster event, a lot of planning and preparation is required; please help us out by following the instructions. I can tell you I have received 2 packages of 'cars' for contender series in which the sender was not in the series and didn't read over the rules. I can't afford to be tracking down people and mailing home these cars.

Cars must be here by the Deadline; no exceptions. There is a little wiggle room only for international drivers, BUT we have a set date to qualify the cars, so regardless if its not here by then, it won't be in the series.

There will be prizes for the top 3 competitors. Prizes are sponsored by our 1 and only Sponsor Merch by Meekin. The 16 cars that qualify for the series will also be a part of the prize package and given away to the overall winner.

Important Dates:

  • Deadline to have cars in: October 8th, 2021
  • Main Series Start Date: December 27th, 2021
  • DNQ Tournament Start Date: January 10th, 2022

YDS Format

The 16 drivers will race across all 3 channels starting with WeRaceDiecast, then Commotion, then EPVideos. Cars will race in 4 car groups in 4 points based races. Points will accumulate across all tracks. This will conclude the regular season.

After all 16 drivers have raced on all 3 tracks and the points have been tallied, the top 4 drivers in points will enter into a Championship round. In the Championship round the cars will race again over all 3 tracks in reverse order (EPVideos, Commotion, WeRaceDiecast). The championship cars will race in a 4 car group in 4 points based races. Points will RESET for the championship round and will accumulate once again.

After the conclusion of the championship round we will crown the 1st Annual YouTube Diecast Series Champion!

Scoring System:

We will be using a standard 5, 3, 2, 1 scoring system with 0 for DNFs.

In addition, we will have 1 bonus point per group. This will be awarded to the driver who 'wins' his/her  4 car group (out scores other 3 in his group).

Lastly, Host Tracks will not be participating in the series. 

DNQ Tournament

The DNQ Tournament will feature the next 32 drivers that did not qualify for the Main Series. The DNQ Tournament will run ONLY at WeRaceDiecast. They will run in Tandem with the Main Series After Round 1 of the Main Series at WeRaceDiecast.

There is no prize for the DNQ Tournament. It is meant to give the majority of the cars sent in a chance to run. 

We have 54 cars that came in. 16 will go to the main tournament. That leaves us with 38 cars. 6 will not be in the DNQ Tournament. But all cars will get a chance to get in. the 8 bottom qualifying cars will race for the last 2 spots for the DNQ Tournament. 2 groups of 4 and winner gets in the DNQ tourney.

Car Build Rules

Any deviation from the rules will result in your car being DQ'd. 

  • Standard size cars (Must be able to fit on standard Orange track)
  • licensed production vehicles only (no fantasy cars; realistic or not, or Frankensteined cars)
  • No Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Open-wheel castings, ONLY Cars (wagons ok)
    • No open hoods, exposed engines
  • Convertibles are okay, but must have an appropriate size figure in the driver's seat
  • Car must be custom painted (Stock paint Ok, if adding heavy decal work)
    • If Car looks stock, its DQ'd
  •  Car must look Good! (You be the judge, but if you are worried, DM me)
  • Numbers must be on the doors and roof
    • Must be clearly visible from camera.
    • Handpainted allowed, but must look good 
  • No Extra accessories added to the cars.
  • Retail axles and wheels only (FTEs ok)
  • Black Tires Only
  • Weight Range is 50-60g
    • In the range 50.0g - 60.0g on MY scale; 60.1g is a DQ
    • I have a reference weight, but be careful some scales may be off a bit.
  • No visible weights
  • Dry Lube Only
  • No Hollowing out Wheel Wheels to accommodate bigger wheels
  • Keep it clean, no profanity, sexual, political, or otherwise hateful names or graphics on the cars.

Please Make sure you read the rules and understand them. Don't assume and ask questions via DM if needed.

How To Enter

Signups Closed

Driver List

Ready to Qualify:

  1. #1 Matt “Mopar” McIntosh, South Carolina USA, Mac Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  2. #3 Kidd Fairburn, New York USA, BadBurn Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  3. #4 Chad “Daddy G” Giron, Colorado USA, G4 Diecast Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  4. #5 Trixie, Oregon USA, 5-0 Tree Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(51g)
  5. #6 Johnny Smack, Florida USA, Ruckus Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  6. #7 Johnnie Walker, Michigan USA., Numbskull Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  7. #8 James “Kirk” Elliot, Scotland, Fractal Panda Diecast Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(56g)
  8. #9 Willy “Wildman” Maykit, Indiana USA, Willy Maykit Diecast (PAID)(ARRIVED)(52g)
  9. #11 Sam Haul, Oregon USA, DRT3K (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  10. #12 Kyle "TooKay" Evans, Kansas USA, 2K Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(56g)
  11. #13 John “Mr. Darq” Kuhn, Oklahoma USA, Dubious Diecast (PAID)(ARRIVED)(54g)
  12. #15 Dax Quade, Tennessee USA, DXP Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  13. #16 Alex “Big Al” Sulanke, Indiana USA, Big Al’s Custom Diecast (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  14. #17 Shannon BR, Wisconsin USA, Down Squad Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(50g)
  15. #20 Michael “Magic” Gingrich, Indiana USA, Mrs. Kraken Motorsports (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  16. #21 Bob “Sneaky Bob” Stoner, Michigan USA, Vapor Racing (PAID) (ARRIVED)(60g)
  17. #22 Mark Pan, Washington USA, Grumpy Cloud Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  18. #23 Jon Vista, Illinois, USA, Jonnys Speed Shop (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  19. #24 Andy “Flyin McBrian, Michigan USA, Madness Motorsports (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  20. #27 Jameson "El Lobo”, Texas USA, Ca$hMoneyBoy$ (PAID) (ARRIVED)(60g)
  21. #28 Thomas “Brutal” Filipiak, South Carolina USA, FPD Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  22. #33 Marv “Messy” Hughes, California USA, Pirate Diecast (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  23. #34 Levi Lonestar, Texas USA, Live Young Die-Cast (PAID)(ARRIVED)(56g)
  24. #35 Herb Parker, North Carolina USA, Herbie’s Skunkworks (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  25. #37 Anthony “The Rage”, New York USA, Roadrage Racing (PAID) (ARRIVED)(58g)
  26. #41 Paul "The Power" Pickle, Missouri USA, Mayfield41 Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  27. #42 Cody “Ironman” Irons, Oklahoma USA, Irons Diecast Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(57g)
  28. #43 Tom “El Rapido” Oliver, New Mexico USA, SF Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(55g)
  29. #44 Ron Jansen, Florida USA, Cloaked After Dark Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(57g)
  30. #45 Enoch EL, Ohio USA, 1:64 Underground Diecast (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  31. #46 Alex Payne, Idaho USA, KCLH Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(56g)
  32. #51 Derek “Doc” Riepe, Missouri USA, Doc’s Speed Shop (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  33. #53 Adam "Crazy Canuck" Hutchings, Ontario Canada, White Nuckle Speed Shop (PAID)(ARRIVED)(57g)
  34. #59 Biscuit Brown, California USA, SmoothBoy Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  35. #64 Scooter Roundwell, Colorado USA, Spirit of ’64 (PAID)(ARRIVED)(53g)
  36. #66 Ken “Boxer” Olsen, Oregon USA, Maker’s Box Motors (PAID)(ARRIVED)(50g)
  37. #68 Josh “Boog” Miller, Alaska USA, Foursix Diecast Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(50g)
  38. #69 Ryan “R-Lo” Lopez, Connecticut USA, R-Lo Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  39. #70 Cliff “Motorbreath” Mikels, Florida USA, Dam Diecast Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(55g)
  40. #72 Lily “The Dog”, New York USA, Lily’s Boneyard (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  41. #76 Terrance Jr, Texas USA, Redline Salvage Inc. (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  42. #77 Donavan “Grey Wizard” Kinyon, California USA, Golden Owl Tattoos (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  43. #80 Robert “Rubber Tow” Manore, Colorado USA, Monster Motorsports (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  44. #81 Keith "Flip" Filipiak, South Carolina USA, Flip's Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(57g)
  45. #82 Fred Fuzzy, Tennessee USA, Tex-Tenn Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  46. #84 John Receveur, Indiana USA, Jack John and Katie Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  47. #87 Jim “RAGTAG” Houtman, Tennessee USA, RAGTAG Racin (PAID)(ARRIVED)(55g)
  48. #88 Fern, California USA, FUMO Diecast Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  49. #91 Dennis "Scoupe" Black, Pennsylvania, USA, Poverty Hollow ADCR (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  50. #93 Zach Steiner, Idaho USA, Haus Steiner Kustoms (PAID)(ARRIVED)(60g)
  51. #95 Liz "Athena" Odin, California USA, Overclocked Racing (PAID)(ARRIVED)(59g)
  52. #98 Jamie Z Cray, Quebec Canada, Underdogs_Unleashed (PAID)(ARRIVED)(58g)
  53. #99 Ben Brown, Washington USA, Parrots Customs (PAID)(ARRIVED)(53g)


Prizes are provided by the Sponsor of our event Merch by Meekin. All 16 drivers qualifiers will get a little something something. but the Main Prizes are for the top 4 competitors.

2nd, 3rd, 4th:

  • Merch By Meekin Sign and Stand
  • YouTube Diecast Series Sign and Stand
  • A YDS Koozie


  • Everything mentioned above and
  • The 16 Main Series Competitor Cars

Viewers and Fans who make an order to Merch by Meekin during the length of the series who mention "YDS", will get a Free YDS sign with their order.

Personally I use Merch by Meekin Signs Exclusively on my track. They are a great product and add some added depth to the track, I highly recommend them and it's a great way to support someone within the Diecast Community.

In closing, we hope you guys have a lot of fun with this! I know all 4 of us hosting tracks are super excited to put on a show and we hope we don't disappoint. Stay positive, and good luck to everyone!



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Crazy_Canuck 8/30/21

Sign me up!

Adam "Crazy Canuck" Hutchings, #53 (or #37), Ontario Canada, The EH Team

  • Can we Do White Knuckle Speed Shop? for consistency with Contender? if not no big deal. got you down — WeRaceDiecast
  • got you signed up! — WeRaceDiecast
  • Totally…I’ve got decals for both…WNM — Crazy_Canuck
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GrumpyCloud 8/30/21

Mark Pan, #22, WA USA, Grumpy Could Racing

cani get in

driver john receveur #84 indiana usa jack john and katie racing

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pupulesurfer 8/30/21

Can I join in?!

driver name: Trixie
Number: 5
Country: Oregon, USA
Sponsor: 5-0-Tree Racing

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KCLH_Racing 8/30/21

Can I be in?

driver name: Alex Payne
Nickname: Al
Number: 46
Country: Twin Falls, Idaho
Sponsor: KCLH Racing

Ca$h Money In!!
Jameson "El Lobo" #27

Cibolo, Texas

Ca$h Money Boys

  • Can we go with Contender Series details for consistency? No worries if not (Jameson "Lone Wolf" Tyler, #7, Texas USA, Ca$h Money Boys — WeRaceDiecast
  • Okay we good. Got you signed up! — WeRaceDiecast

Driver: Chad Giron

Nickname: Daddy G

Number: 4 (Thank you!)

County: Colorado, USA

Sponsor: G4 Diecast Racing

  • Can we go with #4 for consistency with Contender Series? no worries if you want to switch it up — WeRaceDiecast
  • Yes please! I saw that #4 was "reserved". I didn't realize it was reserved for me. Thank you! :) — G4DiecastRacing
  • Well that makes sense lol I can see how that would happen. Got you signed up #4! — WeRaceDiecast
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Lily_the_Dog 8/30/21

Lily the Dog 

team: Lily's Boneyard 



  • For driver name, going with a realistic first and last name combo. Could be Lily "The Dog" . or no last name at all? — WeRaceDiecast
  • Yeah, whatever works for you my man! — Lily_the_Dog
  • sweet got you entered! — WeRaceDiecast
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Sam_Haul 8/30/21

Sign me up, please!  

Sam Haul, #11, USA, Team DRT3K

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Numbskull 8/30/21

I would love a spot.

Driver: Johnnie Walker.  Number: #7.  Country: Vulcan, Michigan, USA.  Numbskull Racing.

This sounds awesome.



Could I get a spot please driver,Diego Roman team Diego's Diecast #14

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FPD_Racing 8/30/21

Driver: Thomas Filipiak

Nickname: Brutal

Car # 28

Sponsor: FPD (subject to change)

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