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SteelCityMafia895 Monday, 5/20/2024

I've seen some channels show a disclaimer at the start of the video that is intended for individuals 13 and above. (Races and Fun, Big Poppy Racing)  And others don't. (3DBM, GTR)  What is the reason for the disclaimer? 


Because we are racing toy cars. YouTube likes to classify diecast races as for children. My understanding is that with this classification the monetization is significantly less And it changes your target audience via their algorithm, especially a problem for Mario kart and Cars car races 

So, should we put these disclaimers on our videos or not? 

  • Yes, unless you are just trying to narrow your audience and/or getting your videos removed. — Uncle_Elvis

There was a law passed several years back that made content producers liable for their content inadvertanty being viewed by children. Didn't matter what the content was. The law affected everyone. Youtube, at first, put the onus on the producer to label their content. So now, when you post content, the act of posting requires you select your target audience. The disclaimer is no longer really required, but I when I was posting my Gi Joe videos, I always put it in the title... NOT FOR CHILDREN.

I always select the not intended for children option when posting a video. No one can comment if you don't. Is that enough or should I add the disclaimer to my intro?

  • thats what I am doing, too. there is a menu to add the restrictions, but I assume, since I upload as for adults, that is good enough — dr_dodge
  • Better to overkill it than get your channel killed by it. Post it every single time. — SpyDude
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