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Zuru Metal Machines

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Uncle_Elvis 11/22/20

Zuru axles may be plated or not but they are definitely thicker than HW which is usually slower. They are about as big around as "McDonald's Hot Wheels" cars. 

  • Hey Uncle_Elvis! Sorry to bring up an old but good thread. Have you tried racing with these wheels? How was the outcome? Did you get the results you wanted? I'm doing some wheel farming myself for future races my friend. — D_Built_Garage
  • 100% individualized. Some sets are good, others not. The good sets are not as common as good HW axles/wheels combos. So, since they cost nearly the same, I just stick with the HW ones. The Metal Machines are typically more narrow than the Mattel made ones. Wheel quality is not as good on Zuru and Maisto castings as compared to HW/MBX ones — Uncle_Elvis
  • That is good to know. Ok noted. Thanks for your response Uncle_Elvis! I appreciate ya bud! — D_Built_Garage

Has Anyone tested Zuru cars on a fat track yet? I am wondering how they would do against HW's just because of their weight. I find that a lot of my lighter cars flip on Adventure force crash racers turns. would Zuru take them the same way or are they just the perfect weight? Maybe I'll have to go get some and try it out. Wonder if anyone else has tried it out already. Zuru cars look sweet though.

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