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Zuru Metal Machines

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MDG_Racing 8/17/18

2 different treads and wheels for the off-road 

I'm sorry I missed this thread before now...

I'm very intrigued by the Zuru's... As to whether or not I am impressed by them, the jury is still out for me...

I recently got 22 of the MM's and  did a review of one them. Included in the review is some side by side "on track" testing... if anyone is interested...

As well, I decided to put them into "The Hunt For The Ultimate Trackmaster", so it will be very very interesting to see how they fair against HW's, MBX, and others in real time competition... I picked out the first one in todays video to be raced in tomorrow's race. I already know the result, but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag...sorry... hehe.

Not sure did some researching seen both ends of the spectrum some fast some slow possible a brand u just gotta go for it. Full send or no send yu know 

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CRPRacing 3/22/19

yes the Metal Machines are nice buy for me as well so far, and I love the price 

How have the Metal Machiens faired vrs your Hot Wheels speed wise? 

 I am new to the racing secne but so far the metal machines have held their owns agaist the hot wheels and Matchbox cars that I do have 

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CRPRacing 3/22/19

Metal Machines are doing well vrs my Hot Wheels ...... 

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CRPRacing 3/23/19

Metal Machines takes the win in lane #4 

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GTRguy83 5/13/20

I'm digging the zuru wheels actually. I have them on one of my lightweight entries and it seems quick.

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Chaos_Canyon 5/13/20

I had 2 Zuru's and 2 Hot Wheels in my Redemption Final. They have perfromed really well overall and I like a lot of the body styles too, even though they aren't necessarily real

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CrazyEights 8/27/20

I haven't seen these yet. Just Adventure Force. Their site says Family Dollar has them. Lol... I have two here but never go in. Dollar Tree and Dollar General always have HWs & MBX. Guess where I'm going. A few of them look like they have modding potential.

  • They are great to mod cause the bases are metal and the body's are plastic so really easy to drill out and the weight is already very low in the car. — Chaos_Canyon
  • Around here Target sometimes still has the 5 pack. I've only seen 3 packs at WalMart but not in the Diecast aisle. They've been hanging on end caps near the party goods. — Dadvball
  • We don't have a target here and our Walmart is an old one so it barely has matchbox and adventure force. Family dollar is my only hope. — CrazyEights
  • Also check Big Lots. Found a bunch of them in there in the singles and 3-packs when I was searching for the Tanner Fox track builder set (scored one of those, too!) — SpyDude
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RAGTAG_JIM 10/14/20

I'm currently working on a Cadillac V16 and figured I'd give these wheels a try and see what they can do... As of right now the car is in for paint.... And will keep posted

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dustdriver 10/14/20

Those are some pretty cool cars. I really want to pick up some for myself some day. I like what I've seen so far. I have seen them before, but have yet to buy any. It seems like they would be almost as good as Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars.

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RAGTAG_JIM 10/21/20

JUST picked up 2 3 packs today and 2 singles.... Gonna rob the WHEELS!!! Can't wait

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