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Zuru Metal Machines

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MDG_Racing 8/17/18

2 different treads and wheels for the off-road 

I'm sorry I missed this thread before now...

I'm very intrigued by the Zuru's... As to whether or not I am impressed by them, the jury is still out for me...

I recently got 22 of the MM's and  did a review of one them. Included in the review is some side by side "on track" testing... if anyone is interested...

As well, I decided to put them into "The Hunt For The Ultimate Trackmaster", so it will be very very interesting to see how they fair against HW's, MBX, and others in real time competition... I picked out the first one in todays video to be raced in tomorrow's race. I already know the result, but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag...sorry... hehe.

Not sure did some researching seen both ends of the spectrum some fast some slow possible a brand u just gotta go for it. Full send or no send yu know 

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