Beaverworx Igloo Main Track

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 22 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Beaverworx


Beaverworx Diecast Racings "Igloo Main track"!  So... This track is part of my big homemade diorama with 4 different types of events take place. Jump testing and 2 different offroad coares so far... This is a multi surface track. Starts with regular off the shelf hotwheels single lane track and then on to the crash racers set corner #1 and then over a mid stright away mesured jump. After the jump its into an OG 3DBotmaker 3D printed corner #2 and then a homemade fomeboard final stright over the finish line. Extra points are avalable for what we call a "Flatbed finish" if the vehicals can successfully lane on a flatbed off the finish line jump! Race's happen in a best 2 out of 3 formats for 2 cars races and a points based system in 4 car format