California Wildcat 350

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 50 ft.
  • Lanes: 4
  • Built by: djtripplej


I started off will two lanes of orange track as a kid, 1968, then 4 lanes, then I figured out a working merge, to Fat Track. (4 lane to 3 lane width) into Sizzler Fat Track to one Fat Track corner leading to 20' of straight fat track. My track was the racing destination of my neihborhood. 

Presently I have many options regurding the length, as I have over 200' of orange track & 80' of Fat Track plus 4  Fat track corners.  My usual set up is outdoors, with limited leave up time...I have to put it away after racing.  Typicllay; I start with 3 to 4 lanes of orange track 8' per lane, to 4' of Fat Track to turn one.  Exiting turn one is a 20' Fat Track Straight Away "Wildcat Ridge" into turn 2, exiting turn 2 is a typically 18' straight Away to the finish line.  Presently, I need a timer, and an electronic finishline that will record all crossings from each race to link to a computer.  So now I wing it with a piece of white duct tape.

I built a four lane 16 car electric starter with plastic cardboard, copper wire, two solinoids, Hot Wheels Orange track deck, it looks way better than it sounds.  I can change speeds I use an adjustable Ultimate support Tree tri pod stand that can give me 4' of variance up to 9' high. 

My motivation has always been to illiminate backwards finishes when possible.  So I adapted the Sizzler tires basic design into an exclusive diecast racing design that descourges going backwards and changes diecast racing on Fat Track as we know it.  Blackfire tires, that's me, the best tracktion assist design for diecast in the World...wanna race?