Elevation Trail @ Lakeridge Heights

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 20 ft.
  • Lanes: 1
  • Built by: Crazy_Canuck


Welcome to Lakeridge Heights 1/64 Diecast Racing at 905Diecast.

The all new “Elevation Trail” at Lakeridge Heights is a wide open straight ski-run style track with a jump half way down the slope. On the right: you have a generous guardrail that will help keep you pointed in the right direction and headed to the finish line. On the left a freshly packed snow bank. Nobody wants to run into the snow bank unless they like getting snow jobbed…Jump the ledge half way down and cross the frozen pond before the finish line for maximum points.

The Track is built out of segments of cardboard and packing foam I've saved from ikea boxes. I've tried to use as many recycled/free materials as possible. The ski hill theme kinda evolved by itself as I just went with how the track told me it wanted to be.

The channel started when I proudly hosted leg 3 of the Frozen4Banger 2022 in the cold wilds of my front yard. That was a snow race outdoors and relied on the weather to cooperate. (Thankfully it did). That experience however started me planning on how I could create more possible tracks to add to the channel. Since the snow track eventually melts, the next track(s) would have to be somewhere a little less dependent/subject to Mother Nature. My garage became the likely candidate in terms of usable space. I had set out to make an open lane switchback track that would hug the garage wall and allow me to test my builds before I send them out for competition. That idea was dashed when I realized I didn’t have the clearance for the crash racers corners as they came too far out from the wall and the track would not be able to be parallel with the wall. (which was the intention). I still need to store a car in the garage come winter. The new plan was to create 2 different simple 2D-scroller tracks that wouldn’t impact each other but still allow me to use the space in the garage to store my car. I already knew I wanted a drag track, but I also had plans to create an off-road course that I could use as a backup track for the F4B. That’s what I started with, and 3 tracks will be what I move forward with. Look for more coming from “The Heights” and 905Diecast.