JRD Straights

Total length
Drag strip


  • Style: Drag strip
  • Total length: 23 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Danielsorrell89


It started when a friend's nephew wanted to race cars. He sent me pics of the cardboard set-up he had and I told him I had a 4 lane track he could have. I've been collecting for a long time but never opened them. He told me how fun it was so I told him I have another track that is a 6 lane drag strip. We have a couple other friends that race from time to time as well.  I have since bought a timer and we have moved from the 6 lane to just orange track. We have had loops, jumps, curves, and changed drop angles. We race weekly and have been for about 3 years now. We have always raced stock and they always have to be unopened.  Our loose collections are crazy!