Pacific Rim Speedway - Monster Motorsports

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 34.75 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Kaiju_Colorado


Monster Motorsports Diecast Racing is proud to announce the grand opening of the Pacific Rim Speedway for 2021! It is a track like no other, because it deviates from the traditional racing genre of pit stalls, grand stands, and the like.

The Pacifim Rim Speedway is an open road coarse that snakes through the city and its caverns, and every driver is literally racing for their chance to take the title of The King of Monsters. But not every driver survives, because Kaiju are starting to attack the city! Will the Pan Am Defense Force be able to send their powerful Jaegers in time to fight back the attack of these giant monsters? Do you have what it takes to snake through a Kaiju's feet, avoid getting eaten, and make it to the finish? If you have what it takes and want to hold the title of The King of Monsters, then check out the race directory for our upcoming races.

Classic Muscle Car Masters (3/16/2021) 

Behind the Scenes - Practice Race #3 

About the track:

The track is set on a 4' x 8' sheet of playwood and stands 3.5' tall from table top to the start gate. The track pieces used come from three Crash Racers sets, twelve Hot Wheels single lane flat tracks, and six dual lane 45-degree turns from Slanman Customs. There are several other track accessories purchased from Slanman Customs, including dual lane start gate, DIY digitial timer, race trusses, crash racers connectors, flat track connectors, billboards, and street signs. The metal signs that display many other tracks through the course were purchased from Custome Metal Diecast Signs by Meekin.

A lot of different materials and techniques went into building the Pacific Rim Speedway ranging from tabletop miniature terrain, model train diorama, and others. So the track is truly a conglomerate of different genres, techniques, and items.

Monster Motorsports is also a proud participant in the Diecast International Race Series (DIRS) 2021!