Pikes Peak

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Road course



As many of us, I was motivated by 3D botmaker to build my track. Ive always loved hotwheels as a kid but as an adult I never considered revisiting my childhood. Once I started the build I was hooked. I think what I love most about diecast racing is the community of people. I started my youtube pursuits prior to diecaset only to fail with harsh criticism. Nearly abandoning youtube all together I met Dave at WeRD, Baines at Live Young and Rob at Monster Motors and they inspired me to keep pursuing my youtube career through diecast racing. After 9 months of posting on youtube Ive discovered the wonderful world of the diecast community. These people are positive, kind, willing to share tricks of the trade. and such a creative group of people. It really feels at home here. So GLAD I didn’t abandon my youtube career. Thank you all for your support! You are the ones that make the channel great. Cheers!