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Tallest and longest I could possibly make a track along the wall in my garage. Starts in attic at around 16 feet elevation. 3DBotMaker 4 lane start gate with a custom 12 volt car door opener used to activate the start gate. I will be wiring in a Novelty full size traffic light with Red, Yellow, Green to start each and every race. Subscribe to my channel on youtube and follow along as things progress in the build and in races. I will not do mail-ins, but eventually will take names to be put on a driver roster when I am ready. Currently finishing up tweaks and guardrails in turns and straigths to stop cars from coming off the track. Also, I'll be posting some videos will lots of different camera views for testing, so I think you will enjoy those as well. I don't have any plans to make everything look fancy with mountains and trees, but in the distant future, that might happen if I get bored with the looks. Right now I want to concentrate on having the cars go down the track as best as possible and get the camera angles right. Some of the build log and details are also posted on the 3DBotMaker Forum " Open Track Project" here: https://www.3dbotmaker.com/forum/open-track-project/its-about-to-get-real

Updated Track Rules as of May 29, 2020. 

1.  Tournaments consist of 16 cars.  No rules on mods or lubrication, no motors, must not be wider than 2 inches.
2.  Qualifying will consist of 1 timed run on a quarter mile track.
3.  Must win by crossing the finish line first 2 times, no matter what, even if a car must do a solo run for any reason.  It's not about being fast, it's about making it to the finish line.
4.  If a car loses the race but crosses the finish line, it will be recycled into my inventory for future races.
5.  All cars begin each round of racing with 3 lives.  If a car has 3 fatalities (DNFs) in a single round of racing, it will be kicked off the track and be forced to do 3 runs maximum on the Loop of Destiny.  If the car jumps over the Redemption height bar, it will receive 1 free life and be allowed to race again, if required.  If the car performs 3 runs on the Loop of Destiny and does not jump over the Redemption height bar, it will make one final run on Junkyard Hill , to be forgotten of forever.  If  a car has already received its 1 free life and fails to cross the finish line again, it goes directly to Junkyard Hill.  If the car lands inside or to the side of the Junkyard, it will be forgotten of forever.  If the car jumps over the Junkyard, it will be recycled into my inventory for future races.  This basically saves a super fast car from the Junkyard, as the driver just had a bad day at the track.
6.  Tournament winners will be placed into the next Tournament of Champions by default.  Once the roster of 16 tournament champions is completed, a Tournament of Champions will begin immediately.
7.  The winner of the Tournament of Champions will be placed into a special display case.  The next Tourament of Champions winner will have to challenge the current reigning champ, in order to be placed into the special display case.  Once a car has been removed from the special display case due to losing, it will be forced to retire into the Hall of Fame and receive real rider tires to ensure that it will never race again, and be on display forever.                              8.  These rules allow for a tournament to occur, where in the final race, there could actually be no winner, and the Widowmaker Run has claimed a victory !