Piston Junction

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 42 ft.
  • Built by: StarCorps


The year is 2023, and it is the 24th year of Martian Occupation. The war lasted only a few minutes - and billions perished in nuclear, biological and chemical hellfire. Viruses twisted some in to mutants, while others reanimated as zombies.

The Martian Corporations rule Earth now, draining it of resources to feed back to the Red Planet. Earth is a hell hole - and one of the only escapes, is through the GASLANDS TV broadcasts, showing the finest in vehicular carnage, V-8 fueled blood sports and high octaine racing. 

The Wastelands Motorsports Diecast Racing League, the WMD, is a recent competitor to the GASLANDS network, and highlights the cars and drivers of the wastelands, in a style that mixes professional wrestling and deathracing. 

This track is currently under construction.