Rocky Creek Challenge

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 2 ft.
  • Lanes: 1
  • Built by: Ashen


Ciao, un saluto a tutti dall’Italia

First of all, I want to say Thanks to the 3dbotmaker YouTube channel and then to the whole diecast racing world: DCR Racing, Hot Car Tracks, Chaos Canyon, RTR Diecast, One Man Racing, Masmbot, Live Young Die-Cast, Monster Truck Attitude and last but not least Beaverworx Diecast Racing.

The daily/weekly update by DSPN report, Redline Derby Racing, Diecast Racing Report are fantastic.

This awesome hobby gave me some distraction through 2020, for me a really challenging year due to lockdown for Covid-19.

So I tried to build a 1:64 scale track inspired from  Beaverworx Diecast Racing and its Stoned road. Building really helped me to relax and put the stress away. I'm building it as best I can with no experience at all in diorama.

As can be seen from the photos and the video I have a very long way to get anywhere near the standards but anyway I've got some ideas for tournaments I want to run on it.

So I hope to share the fun with you all.

edit: I apologize into track profile I "totally wrong" measure conversion from cm to feet