Royz Run

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 64 ft.
  • Built by: Vulfgang


Royz gone but his track races on. Royz Garage and Bar is the place for family gatherings with food, board games, darts, and most of all diecast racing. 

Royz Run begins with a 5 lane janky mechanical start from a Roll Out Raceway. The first 21' are orange track featuring a moderate 2 1/2' elevation drop over 8 feet. The 5 lane wide mechanical finish line from the Roll Out Raceway  records first through fifth place. 

For 2 car races on the entire 64 foot'er, points are awarded for the quarter mile drag race finish; 2 points for first, 1 point for second. The open track points are 3 points for first place, 2 points for second and DNF's get 0. 

Only lanes 1 & 2 feed into a Crash Racers 90 degree turn and onto Chicago Bears Avenue. The 12' Avenue terminates when cars hit the John Deere jump into Kokopeli Corkscrew. The 540 degree vortex generating corkscrew sorts out the slower, heavier, high center of gravity cars.

The next 12' straight is angled so any car that completes the corkscrew will make it to the next 90 degree turn. AKA crash corner. Slow cars may get dumped off the track to the inside of the turn. It's OK because 6 orange barrels set along the inside of Crash Corner and cars get a half point for each barrel they topple. 

The last 10 feet is the "license plate back straight" sizzler track with lots of room for passing. So you could get a max of 8 points by winning the drag race, the open course race and knock down all the barrels on Crash Corner. It has happened. 

Cars race 2 at a time, switching lanes and gathering points. Tie breakers are determined by the fastest open course time recorded on my digital hand held stop watch. The course record is 8.43 seconds held by a Huffman Racing Jaguar D Class weighing 44.7 grams.

The straights have 6 inch elevation drops to keep cars moving but not accelerating so middle weight cars that can carry momentum do well. Heavy cars die on the long straights and light cars get too far behind on the drag track. This course creates many epic passes and close races so that any car qualifying in the top 20 can win a random draw bracket tourney. 

I want to host a series of races for cars with sanded and lubed wheels only. Maybe 5 races with a 6th race for anything goes mods. The top 3 race finishes would be scored to determine the overall series champ.

I want to charge entry fees and give out 100% of entry fees in GOOD prizes to the top 3, 5, or even top 10 finishers in each race. If you won a sizable gift card to Applebee's, Outback Steakhouse, AMC cinemas, Nascar tickets... would your partner stop bothering you about racing diecast cars.