Smuggler’s Run at Sheltowee Trace

Total length
Road course


  • Style: Road course
  • Total length: 49 ft.
  • Lanes: 2
  • Built by: Moe_Shine


Welcome to Smuggler's Run, I'll be your host, Moe Shine. What he have here is an old bootlegging road leading down to town. Since the mining company moved out when the mine dried up, we're able drive through their old tunnels. Now, don't get distracted driving behind them pretty waterfalls, they'll take you to the bottom quicker than you want! I can't sell spilled 'shine, so every driver can only roll over two times per heat. Keep the wheels on the ground fellas (and ladies). We been pumping out that white lighting so fast, we need to run four vehicles at a time.

Now, once all four vehicles are loaded up at the Barn, get it down to Cletus. Just take Sheltowee Trace off of KY-92. Go around Crazy Corner and you'll head into the cliff face behind Upper Princess Falls. Take the bank around and cross over Lower Princess Falls. Now be careful, the law likes to site at the Ranger Station. If you make pass him, cut through the old mine, and drop down behind Lower Princess Falls. Swing around Lick Creek, and it's a straight shot to town. Cletus's cabin will be on the right before the old lower mining tunnel. If your brakes go out, don't worry. There's a ramp at the end of the road that'll slow you down. Or put you in the creek. One way to find, now get down there!

Platform: 10'x5'

Supports: 2x4's & Spindles

Track: 1) 40' HW Track pack & 4) Crash Racers sets

3D Printed Turns: Slanman Customs

Finishline Timer: Slanman Customs

Starting Gate: JLH Krafts