Tinouchy Speedway

Managed by JasonL36_Racing

About this track

 My first track I posted to the World Wide Web. Took some Hotwheels track and some weird turn thing, and built a track. 

  Why is it called Tinouchy Speedway? Well, I combined two words( Tin and Ouch) put a Y at the end, and Speedway because some cars could be really fast on the track.

The track was always on the ground, so it always moves from one pace to another. While racing, you never know if the track is going to be dry, dusty, oily(yes, this happened by an accident in the kitchen) or even wet! 

This short track is super fast, with many ways for underdogs to win. Race one on one, all the way to 8 cars at a time! Even put many heats in one race! If some cars in the first heat don’t finish, put them next to where they stopped, and let cars from other heats past them! This track has hosted some exciting races, and is always changing!