2015 Fall Funny Car Classic!

Sunday, October 11th, 2015
KandORacing Sunday, 6/21/2015

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The other day, while looking at some HW funny cars of mine, I decided it's about time we had a modifed funny car series! 

Rules & Restrictions

  • Max weight: 100g
  • Must fit orange HW track
  • Up to 3 cars per team allowed
  • Any brand of diecast domestic American funny cars (HW, JL, etc.)
  • There are no limitations on wheels, use what works best
  • Stocks allowed, but mods are cooler!
  • Dry lubes only
  • Must have "team paint jobs" with a sponsor of some sort (Each team's entries must have matching or similar paint jobs)



How to enter

Just send your cars to the first host, with a Redline Derby ID!

Where to send your cars

Jeremy Morin

7 Vista Drive

Lincoln, RI 02865

Don't forget to print an ID card with your entry

Entry deadline

Just make sure your cars are there on Friday before the first race weekend...


Cars will be weighed at the first host in the series, If the cars are 3g or more over the limit, the first host will remove the required amount of weight to meet the max weight rule.

Tracks & Dates

Series tracks
  • Oct. 11th, RI - LJLRC
  • Oct. 18th, NJ - C10 Dragstrip
  • Oct. 25th, 
  • Nov. 1st, OH - Park Place Raceway
  • Nov. 8th, OR - Woodburn Dragstrip 


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72_Chevy_C10 6/21/15
Event coordinator

Cool, count me in! 100 grams, huh...heavyweights! I'll host a race...maybe in the middle somewhere.

  • Cool! I'll put you in as a host when you find a date that works for you. — KandORacing
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redlinederby 6/21/15
Site manager

Hmmm...I'll have to think about if I can find 2 funnies that I can mod. Was hoping to just mail in stocks. Mark me down as "tentative" :)

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KandORacing 6/22/15

There is a rule change on the first post, stocks are now allowed   :)

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redlinederby 6/22/15
Site manager

Sweet :) Thanks. Nothing against the modding crowd...for some reason I rarely see funny cars on the pegs and only have a small stash myself. I'd love to see them get a chance to race but don't want to chop them up.

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2seven 6/22/15


 I can host a race at Park Place Raceway. Just let me know

  • Thanks! Let me know what date works best for you. — KandORacing
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redlinederby 6/22/15
Site manager

I want to see this things run on my track too...mark me down the 20th right now. Being a few months out that date works but if anything changes I'll let you know.

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FOTF 6/22/15

We can bring them to the LJLRC on the first week of the series if you want (as long as I can get Jeremy's permission, though I don't see why he wouldn't let us).

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KandORacing 6/23/15

Do the host dates I have everyone put down for work out?

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72_Chevy_C10 6/23/15
Event coordinator

Hey Keith,

Just a thought on the dates...it might be better to put me in the 2nd spot...that way the cars would be going from RI, down to me, and then out to Ohio for two races...going from East to West.

But, if not, my current date is fine.


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2seven 6/23/15


   if you switch Chris to week two and bump Brian and I to the follow weeks 3-4 it would work better for me. I guess we need to see what Brian can do.


  • Works for me. I'm good for any date except the last week. — redlinederby
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KandORacing 7/4/15

Just wanted to bump this thread to the top for any new site members that could be interested in entering.

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