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2020 Redline Derby Racing League

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LeagueofSpeed 12/4/19
Event coordinator

If you race all 12 will send in a different/new car each month...a car can only be raced once all choose wisely each month.

for stock different scheme same car?

  • As long as the car looks just can't be the same looking a Racer can't send in 6 50th Anniversary 67 Fastback Mustangs...better send your fastest...but they can send in another 67 Mustang Fastback that's not 50th Anniversary one. — LeagueofSpeed
  • got it — SavageSpeeder
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Team164Bruno 12/5/19

Another question from a rookie... whats a "Zoom In" car?

  • a car that holds a gopro hero 5 session. hence zoom in — SavageSpeeder
  • Gotcha. Not one I would enter because I have a little pride, but, I heard they aren't permitted in other races as well. — Team164Bruno

Car for January is ready...

February is in mock up

All set

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41-14 12/8/19

I'd like to book one spot each month. And if you guys are open to the RLD Racing League making a stop in Canada I'd be willing to host a race mid year. July or August. I figure this type of race the turnaround on mailing wouldn't be as bad as if it was a circuit race with the cars travelling to 8 or more tracks. 

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Traction-Event 12/13/19

Two more ready... 

  • Impressive work TE...looks like someone is enjoying being back in the workshop — LeagueofSpeed
  • Need to get them built now, summer fills up the schedule fast — Traction-Event
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MDG_Racing 12/18/19

Are these real manufacturers licensed castings only?

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Team164Bruno 12/23/19

A pair of entries from Team164 Racing is boxed up and headed to North Carolina. Team164Kyle put together the VW and Team164Bruno is sending the NoMadder What. 

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LeagueofSpeed 12/30/19
Event coordinator

Races will be held here each month until another host track chimes in about running the cars...41-14 will run them in Canada one month over the Summer...really looking forward to this new edition to RLD.

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72_Chevy_C10 12/30/19
Event coordinator

Hey LoS,

There's a truck in my package for this race....a blue '67 Chevy gasser...look forward to the race!

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LeagueofSpeed 12/31/19
Event coordinator

Some cars starting to roll into the LoS Racing Grounds...really looking forward to this year long series and believe the format will be fun since a car only gets one shot at some points all will keep a dominate car from showing up every month...Good Luck to All...

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