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2020 RLDRL - January

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Mattman213 1/3/20

Forgot to snap a pic but my Jan entry made the trip out with the fleet of 55/57's.  Hope to be able to keep up with everyone and send in a car each month!


We go Green tonight...Good Luck to All

Getting ready to stage the cars before the Team Show...we don't have the cut off of 32 least I don't think we do.

22 cars for January if you get a bye into the 2nd get a point.

...and this will be the case all season until the field is 32 cars

  • MAN! Taken out by the champ. Was the sleeper 300c the only car to get a win on that F150? Great racing! — Mattman213
  • Just saw the G-Force got a W against him as well. Alot of close competition of all different makes. Love it — Mattman213
  • G Force is 9.81's son...he/they are Diecast 64...check out and get involved out in Southern Utah — LeagueofSpeed
  • Oh ok heck yeah I've seen their site and I've followed the mod guide when getting started! — Mattman213
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Go_Time 1/5/20

Great racing!  Another great race between myself and 41-14.  Congrats to the winner.  Thank you LoS for hosting.

  • Your Welcome...another solid build...see ya in Feb — LeagueofSpeed
  • Ya not bad for a stock mustang. My package didn’t make it in time with my modified mustang. So I had LOS put that one in there for me. It was a great battle. Lots of close racing. — 41-14

What I love about the RLDRL is that I'll build those cars I've looked at and thought about building for the last couple of gives me the freedom to stray from my comfort zone and build something different...and perhaps unlock some speed from a build I most likely wouldn't have's two that I'm looking forward too.

  • I was thinking the same thing last night and instead of looking through my pile for specific cars to meet the standards (which is fun in itself for sure) I started throwing around the "what ifs" and "I wonders" and am finding quick castings in places I wouldnt have otherwise looked. I had to start writing down all the ideas so as not to forget before I get to them. Should keep me busy for quite some time! — Mattman213
  • Love to hear that...and while not really mentioned in the introduction of the RLDRL...exactly what it's about at the core. — LeagueofSpeed

Also. I'll continue to host until someone requests to host a month...41- 14 is going to host in Canada over the summer...we'll coordinate here in the States and ship them all from a central location.

Also, if you want to host...your track needs to be vetted first.

Good luck in February...

...Peace and Speed 

Also, I'll always update the introduction page the following Monday or Tuesday of said months race with the next race race is 2/15/2020.

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