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2021 Diecast Games

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cirons42 5/12/21

Is there a limit to the number of participants? I'd love to join this one.

  • Not at this time. Send them on! — Big_Poppy
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RLoRacing 5/13/21

I already assembled my "Dream Team" and just have to add more graphite and then decals so they should be there soon

Would concept cars be under fantasy or the manufacturer that would have made it?

And would a NASCAR count as the car it based on?

  • We have been allowing concepts under the automaker, so a Corvette Concept is a Vet. A Nascar type car is under it's make, or a fantasy for like the circle tracker. — Big_Poppy
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Sam_Haul 5/19/21

Definitley want to do this this year.  Please put Team DRT3K down for 4 cars.

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Big_Poppy 5/20/21

send them baby!!

  • Would a Tooned Chevelle be fantasy or American. Also would a Way 2 Fast be fantasy? — BlueLineRacing
  • I think the Way 2 Fast would be considered a "fantasy" car, although the Elvis car in Mad Max: Fury Road WAS a dual-engined coupe, so technically, it is a "real" car....... — SpyDude
  • Good Point!... So going off your theory of what is a "REAL CAR" Would you consider a Hot-Tub, a Double vission or a Bone Shaker a Real Car? — RIVERA_RACING
  • The BoneShaker IS a real car, actually. — SpyDude
  • Any tune vehicle is a fantasy, the boneshaker there’s a fantasy. It may have been produced but it was not a license in mass produced. It’s not make this too hard folks it’s real simple — Big_Poppy
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KCLH_Racing 5/27/21

Are there any openings available?

Thanks in advance.

  • Yes I am at limiting the field — Big_Poppy

I am interested in this event but have questions around the flat out 442 entry I am considering....would it qualify for American (based on 80s olds 442) or fantasy or either?

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Big_Poppy 6/2/21

But according to the history site:

UPDATE! The Olds 442 was used as a stock car for a brief period. Because of this it will be considered an American Casting.


Jim Potts

aka Big Poppy

Going to be there this year weeding thru potential cars now. 

  • Great!! — Big_Poppy
  • Try again bloodhound. I deleted the message. Sorry. I’m getting a lot of phishing stuff. — Big_Poppy
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Rusty_Rod 6/20/21

Count me in 

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Big_Poppy 6/24/21

Remember all! Deadline is July 31st!!

  • Keep a spot open for me - I'm getting my cars ready to ship out. — SpyDude
  • Mine will be there — BlueLineRacing

If there's still room I'd like to send cars in/

Mister Christie from Mister Christie Racing.

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