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2021 LOS Nationals - The Z Cars

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Peter_Bee 10/28/20

Is it possible to participate in 5 of the 7 events? If so, I'm still in. If not, I withdraw.

  • Last time the Nationals had the cars sent around to each track. So you only needed to enter once. You get all the events for free. — redlinederby
  • Yeah you build them and mail them once and they get shipped in bulk with the rest of the entries to the other tracks. Unless you are boycotting 2 of the tracks (sarcasm) then you should be good to go!!! HA! — Mattman213
  • I think what he's asking is if he can mail his cars to the second track and get his back before they get mailed back to someone. peter you'd be better off swinging for the race league to get scheduled those months and find other venues to race. come join the rookie rally with me. Indiana diecast racing also has some cool stuff coming up. check the event schedule. — MikeDoolzinski
  • waiting not swinging. stupid spellcheck — MikeDoolzinski
  • Being a points based series race it wouldnt make sense to bow out of two races for any reason really. If you havnt considered the Rookie Rally DO IT its a ton of fun and I look forward to seeing more racing at Redline's new track! — Mattman213
  • Investing in cars, materials and time for a race series is all well and good, IF you're going to get the cars back. But if the choice is keeping my cars or giving up points, I think I'll give up the points. Besides, it's not a RLD sanctioned event anyhow, so it's just another race. — Peter_Bee
  • Ah gotcha! If your worried about not getting your entries back then def don't enter the Nationals. Its alot of fun tho to see your cars go to each destination and compete. Either way there are tons of other races going on! — Mattman213
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redlinederby 11/5/20
Site manager

If you were assigned and planned to be a host for this event, please leave a quick reply if your intention was to continue to be a host track in light of the current situation with other backlogged LOS races.

I didn't want to get too involved with this event since it wasn't mine to manage, but given it was well promoted and had a full field but now the organizer is MIA, I feel it's only fair to consider just canceling this event. I'd hate to see people send in cars to Stage 1 and they not get raced or shipped on.

I know we were all looking forward to this series but even if this one doesn't get run, I asure you there are other series events getting planned for next year that Redline Derby will organize and manage. But either way, your thoughts as a participant and/or host in this situation is appreciated.

  • I still can host. If the event is going to still be run. I haven't even built cars because I assumed it wasn't going to be run — NDeavers80
  • I assumed that too but I don't think we'll get any official word from LOS so I'm trying to figure out if I need to make an executive decision. — redlinederby
  • Keep me updated. — NDeavers80
  • Man, I’d like to get involved but I wonder if this event is tainted as it is lumped in with several other failed LOS events? Wondering if it may be better off just to start off 2021 with fresh and newly organized events? I don’t know, just my opinion. I’m willing to host a leg of this or a newly planned event if it’s organized and in time though. Let me know what you come up with. — BlueLineRacing
  • LoS can still hold his "Nationals" and if the hosts want to participate, that's up to them. I think RLD should hold its own sanctioned Nationals Event with any available hosts willing to participate. — Peter_Bee
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redlinederby 11/7/20
Site manager

I'm shutting off further commenting for this thread as this event is at risk given the host's unresponsiveness in previous races. Enter at your own risk.

I wouldn't recommend entering this race or sending any cars to the host. The host has yet to run any races scheduled as far back as July and has not been responsive to messages or other discussion. 

If you have any concerns about this event or need any further insight, please PM me.